Motivated by a desire to succeed and a passion for quality service, Caliper Inspection has spent over a quarter of a century forging positive customer relationships and building an experienced team of employees that consistently raises the bar for inspection services around the globe.

Led by Paul M. Frederick, Caliper prides itself on depth experience and clear communication – internally and externally. The organization’s team environment mirrors the approach taken with clients externally that is always focused on safety, service, sincerity and integrity.

As we move forward, Caliper vows to continually adapt to changing environments while holding true to its core values.


“I would like to thank Caliper Inspection for their assistance for the past 18 months to complete several types of mechanical and welding inspections in three countries. The consistency and professionalism of every report and the diverse knowledge of their inspection team was essential in order to meet our customers very high expectations. Throughout our project, Caliper was able to react quickly to new project requirements and were able to supply the manpower to several locations at a moment’s notice. I look forward to working with the Caliper team on our next project and again thank them for their assistance to date.”
Dan, Bellingham
Process Production Coordinator